25 photos that will make you want to visit Cuba

With scheduled travel services to Cuba starting and the political environment improving consistently, there has never been a better time to visit Cuba. Gorgeous architecture, a fascinating history, mesmeric music, beautiful beaches and most importantly the warmth of the Cuban people make Cuba an incredible destination. Here are 25 of my photos from Cuba that will make […]

Spain: Rock climbing on the Costa Blanca

In early summer the Wandering Kiwi family went to Spain, not for a fly-and-flop beach holiday but to pull on our rubber shoes and spend a week rock climbing on the Costa Blanca. Of course I have heard much about Spain’s ‘Costas’ and their reputation is as an over-developed, inauthentic package holiday destination and refuge for retirees […]

Hiking the Tour du Mt Blanc: Bonhomme to Les Contamines

The route from the Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme to Les Contamines is the shortest day on the whole Tour du Mt Blanc so when I saw the sun was still breaking through the clouds when I woke up, I decided to stay in bed for an extra half an hour. I wanted to […]

Hiking the Tour du Mt Blanc: Elisabetta to Bonhomme

The morning views on departing Rifugio Elisabetta as my Tour du Mt Blanc hike continued were spectactular. As forecast, the weather was closing in but there was still a bit of sunshine breaking through and turning the braided waterways of the Lac Combal to molten silver. The TMB day between Elisabetta and the Refuge de […]

Hiking the Tour du Mt Blanc: Courmayeur to Rifugio Elisabetta

Hiking the Tour du Mt Blanc clockwise, my path continued from the beautiful Italian town of Courmayeur towards the Rifugio Elisabetta. The ‘TMB’ is one of the world’s most famous long distance hikes.  It is a circuit of the magnificent Mt Blanc massif, on paths that cover around 170 kilometres (105 miles).  Read more on […]


Spain: Wandering through the Alhambra

The Judas Trees will soon be in bloom again around the Alhambra. With purple blossom glowing in the warm air of springtime in southern Spain, and the cool snows of the Sierra Nevada as a backdrop. I think this collection of broken towers, palaces, dungeons and gardens is one of the most Romantic places to visit in […]

Wandering in London’s Kensal Green Cemetery

On a sultry London afternoon, descending into an underground space that is cold, dank, dirty, and full of dead bodies, is normally the last thing I would recommend. But the Kensal Green Cemetery in west London is worth a visit, both as a slice of 19th century history and as an operating London cemetery. It’s […]

Italy: Wandering through Orvieto in Umbria

The Umbrian hill town of Orvieto is one of the architectural and artistic highlights of Italy but many visit on a brief tour-party stop between Rome and Florence. Piazza Duomo is very busy around midday as coach-loads of tourists and school groups swarm around the famous cathedral. But once they have moved on the town […]

The Vatican City in photos

I have this running debate with Mr Wandering Kiwi about how many countries I’ve been to – it’s 47 ok?! He has not been to 47 countries and even though it’s not a competition … One of the points of contention is Vatican City. By any dictionary (or wikipedia) definition a sovereign city state. So […]

New Zealand: Angora Rabbit Shearing in Waitomo

What do you think of when you picture a rabbit? And shearing? Probably something like this? Right? Well if, like me you find yourself with an hour to kill after exploring the magnificent Waitomo Caves, in the North Island of New Zealand, you will come face to face with THIS Waitomo’s ‘The Shearing Shed’ have […]