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Colourful India, Asia

Top 25 things to see in Asia

The attractions of Asia are so many and varied it is easy to see why it can become so sublimely addictive for travellers. Amazing landscapes; incredible history; inspiring art and architecture; and such a diverse range of cultures it is mind-blowing. I’ve done a quick count and I have visited 12 countries in Asia over […]

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan: Poetry and prose in Bukhara

Approaching Bukhara through the countryside the dry landscape is lumpy earth and sand with scrubby sage-green vegetation. After the green mountains of Kyrgyzstan the deserts of Uzbekistan are hard to bear. But the Oases! I’m amazed to suddenly see roses and great clumps of pink and red hollyhocks, as well as long lines of mulberry trees.  […]

Santorini, Greek Islands

Santorini: Walking from Fira to Oia

The unique Greek island of Santorini is all about colour and contrast. Everything seems painted white: buildings, pavements, stones, even the tree trunks. Around midday the sky loses its dazzling blue and joins the whiteness above the hazy islands. Then there’s blue sea, blue paint, black sand and red rock. Not least when you take […]

Lake Matheson, New Zealand

New Zealand: The world’s best travel?

Choosing my favourite travel destination is not an easy task. Although I’m a Wandering Kiwi I am reminded time and again how much New Zealand has to offer lovers of beautiful and unique landscapes. So I would like to share a photo essay of my best New Zealand photographs and my favourite scenes and experiences […]

The Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Spain: Wandering through the Alhambra

The Judas Trees will soon be in bloom again around the Alhambra. Purple blossom glowing in the warm air of springtime in southern Spain, with the cool snows of the Sierra Nevada as a backdrop. I think this collection of broken towers, palaces, dungeons and gardens is one of the most romantic places to visit in […]

Franklin River Nature Walk, Tasmania

Australia: Tasmania’s Western Wilderness

This was my third visit to Tasmania and this time the target was the evocatively named “Western Wilderness”. Following the Lyell Highway that leads from Derwent Bridge and Lake St Clair up and around the National Park, the first stop was the Franklin Nature Walk. It’s a mere 25 minute circuit but the forest is […]