Malaysia: 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur

Whether you’re a veteran city explorer, love cultural immersion, or adore foodie travel, Kuala Lumpur is the place for you. The Malaysian capital is a city of fascinating contrasts, rich culture and wonderful street food. Discover Kuala Lumpur’s many facets while sightseeing, from the historic colonial architecture to the stunning Petronas Towers. If you’ve only […]

France: Gastronomic delights in Corsica

The first question to ask when eating out in Corsica is “can you taste the terroir?” and while Corsican food may not be flashy or fancy it is definitely good, making it a fascinating foodie travel destination. At the end of each day during our walking holiday in Corsica we were predictably famished so seeking […]

5 best ways to holiday with your pet

For many families, taking your pet on vacation is important so I’ve come up with a helpful 5 best ways  to holiday with your pet, so you can make the most of holiday time with the whole family. There are more options that you may think for holidaying with your pet. In 2012 it became cheaper […]

Italy: Top 10 things to do in eastern Sicily

Millenia of history, culture and geography make it difficult to choose my top 10 things to do in eastern Sicily. We flew into Catania airport, an increasingly popular route for low cost airlines, and found this a good jumping off point to explore the east coast of Sicily. DH Lawrence once said that “anyone who […]

Top 5 places to see Bluebell Woods in England

The air is heavy with perfume and the bluebells are at their peak flowering right now in these top 5 places to see Bluebell Woods in England! A sea of cobalt, violet, blue or purple, often set against the fresh green of new Spring foliage including the lime green beech leaves. However you describe this […]


Spain: Wandering through the Alhambra

The Judas Trees will soon be in bloom again around the Alhambra. Purple blossom glowing in the warm air of springtime in southern Spain, with the cool snows of the Sierra Nevada as a backdrop. I think this collection of broken towers, palaces, dungeons and gardens is one of the most romantic places to visit in […]

Wandering in London’s Kensal Green Cemetery

On a sultry London afternoon, descending into an underground space that is cold, dank, dirty, and full of dead bodies, is normally the last thing I would recommend. But the Kensal Green Cemetery in west London is worth a visit, both as a slice of 19th century history and as an operating London cemetery. It’s […]

The Vatican City in photos

I have this running debate with Mr Wandering Kiwi about how many countries I’ve been to – it’s 47 ok?! He has not been to 47 countries and even though it’s not a competition … One of the points of contention is Vatican City. By any dictionary (or wikipedia) definition a sovereign city state. So […]

New Zealand: Angora Rabbit Shearing in Waitomo

What do you think of when you picture a rabbit? And shearing? Probably something like this? Right? Well if, like me you find yourself with an hour to kill after exploring the magnificent Waitomo Caves, in the North Island of New Zealand, you will come face to face with THIS Waitomo’s ‘The Shearing Shed’ have […]

Italy: Wandering through Orvieto in Umbria

The Umbrian hill town of Orvieto is one of the architectural and artistic highlights of Italy but many visit on a brief tour-party stop between Rome and Florence. Piazza Duomo is very busy around midday as coach-loads of tourists and school groups swarm around the famous cathedral. But once they have moved on the town […]