Rees-Dart Track, Hiking in New Zealand

New Zealand: Hiking the Rees-Dart track

This is the story of my first big multi-day hike in New Zealand. The Rees-Dart is a four-day hike in the South Island of New Zealand, mostly in the Mount Aspiring National Park. This hike does boast stunning alpine scenery but it was a challenging and not entirely positive experience. In fact I nearly broke […]

Wandering in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: A foodie tour of the Jordaan

This is a tour of little heroes; little food heroes enjoyed while exploring one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful and historic districts. Over four hours we followed local host Anne Maria, wandering through the Jordaan discovering tasty tidbits and interesting characters that revealed far more about Amsterdam and the Dutch than I have learned in all […]

Cap de Formentar, Mallorca

Mallorca: Trying to relax in Pollenca

I once took a spontaneous and entirely unresearched post-exam holiday in Mallorca with a girlfriend. It was a 99-pound package and could have been a terrible mistake if we had ended up somewhere like ‘Shag-a-luf’. Fortunately when the dice rolled we were sent to… Pollenca, a small town  on a beautiful peaceful bay with clear […]

Tintin on Lombard building, Brussels

Belgium: Meeting Tintin and Hergé

Did you love reading Tintin books when you were a child? I did, in fact I still do and reading them to Wandering Kiwi Jr provides the perfect excuse to delve back into these famous travel adventures! So when I was planning our winter road trip around Belgium and the Netherlands this year I was […]

Lac du Genval, Belgium

Belgium: Wandering by the Lac du Genval

For most, Belgium is the land of the cartoon strip, beer, chocolate, lace, surrealism, festivals, fashion, design and culture. But hiding away in the little town of Genval, half an hour by road or rail from where the Eurostar terminates at Brussels’ Gare du Midi, is the home of the tranquil and luxurious spa break. It is a story of […]

Formerly the Blackball Hilton

New Zealand: Wandering in Blackball

Sitting out front at the pub the road steams slightly in the sun after the rain. I can smell citronella and bright petunias are waving their heads behind me. The Paparoas are appearing and disappearing in the mist surrounding the ‘town’. A black and brown dog who never tires of begging visitors to kick or throw […]