Slovenia wildflowers
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Slovenia: Wildflowers in the Julian Alps

A walking holiday in Slovenia’s Julian Alps is a brilliant alternative to Europe’s busier trails and one of the many highlights is the gorgeous profusion of wildflowers on display in the Spring and early Summer.

I know Slovenia was going to be my sort of country as soon as we drove out of the airport. Already the mountains were in sight and above meadows and lush forests rose range upon range of misty peaks.

Slovenia wildflowers

I came back with a lot of flower shots, from exquisite alpine varieties in the steep-sided valleys up above the Vogel ski gondola to the overwhelming wildflowers of Slovenia’ lush highland meadows.

Slovenia wildflowers

Slovenia’s less intensive farming methods preserve an impressive biological diversity and when it comes to wildflowers like this gentian, this little Euro-zone country is difficult to beat.

Slovenia wildflowers
There’s even an International Wildflower Festival held in Bohinj each May/June. Bohinj is where we were based for our walking holiday, a village on the edge of the lake and the Triglav National Park.

Slovenia wildflowers
There we saw a delicate Triglav Rose (see top) ‘captured’ while walking up to the Slap Savica waterfall.

Slovenia wildflowers
There are flowers like these acqualegia in the meadows, on the mountain crags, beside rivers and woodland trails…

Slovenia wildflowers

Walking through Slovenia’s pretty alpine meadows, surrounded by butterflies … don’t you just want to do a Summer version of a snow angel in this field:

Slovenia wildflowers

By Natasha von Geldern

Do you love wildflowers? Where have you travelled to see beautiful wildflowers?

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  1. Hey these are wonderful. I love wildflowers!

  2. Beautiful captures of these lovely flowers. I especially like the meadow shots. I’d love to visit Slovenia — been hearing so many positive stories about it lately.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Love these photos.

  4. Jim brandano

    I have never seen anything from Slovenia before this blog!! It looks like it is a country I would enjoy visiting with my camera. Wonderful colors in the flowers and the alpine mountains are really inviting!!!

  5. Really beautiful pics Natasha – certainly better than all my attempts. Great to find someone else with a passion for the wild flowers in Slovenia – they are just amazing aren’t they? The stuff dreams are made of (along with the rest of the country)
    PS if anyone’s planning to visit Slovenia check out our website for lots of info – and a great alpine chalet to rent!

  6. Beautiful! Looks like a great way to spend a day. There are plenty of places to see wildflowers in the mountains near here (N. California) but I never seem to get to them in the spring. Your photos are inspiring me to change that.

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