On the trains in India: Photo Essay

Chaiwallah, India

Travelling by train in India is a rich experience, the only way to get around in my view. What better opportunity to see and meet local people, as well as absorb the landscapes of the country outside the main cities and sites.

Here are a few of my favourite photos taken while sitting on a train in India, starting with a chaiwallah brewing the magic elixir as we pulled into a Delhi railway station early in the morning.

Trains in Mumbai, IndiaCrowded commuter trains in Mumbai.

Waiting for the Kalka Valley RailwayBy contrast, waiting for the once a day Kalka Valley train at the foothills of the Himalayas in Himchal Pradesh.

Waiting for the train in IndiaWaiting for a train in this part of the world is no problem.

Railway station refreshments in IndiaSaddhus visiting the railway station kiosk at one of the many, many stops on the Kangra Valley train journey.

The toy train to Simla, IndiaAnother of India’s ‘toy trains’, this time up to the hill station of Simla. Punjabis come here on holiday in their droves.

Buying a train ticket in IndiaMvGtravels buying a railway ticket in India.

Palace on Wheels, IndiaWe couldn’t afford a trip on the Palace on Wheels but we passed it with a wave on our way through Rajasthan.

Water stop, trains in IndiaRefilling the water bottles near Amritsar.

NvGtravels on the trains in IndiaThe Wandering Kiwi enjoying the classic sleeper carriage on the trains in India. A Palace on Wheels it is not but all the more rewarding. Note the stolen airline blanket coming in handy (one of my top travel gear tips).

By Natasha von Geldern

This post is part of the Bootsnall Indie Travel Challenge 2012.

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8 Replies to “On the trains in India: Photo Essay”

  1. Stu Evans

    Love the snap in the sleeper carriage. I think you look comfy cosy enough. I slept all night in a shop doorway in Chicago once, but that was mainly because I was very “tired and emotional” and very lost.

    • Natasha von Geldern Post author

      Oh dear, lost in Chicago! I’m regretting putting up that less than flattering pic of myself already!


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