Cuba: Video tribute to Cuba’s classic cars

A ban by the Cuban government on transferring ownership on vehicles built after 1959 plus a half-century of blockade has meant that there are very few late model cars and an estimated 60,000 classic cars in Cuba. Here are some of my favourites!

Since Fidel Castro came to power importing a new car has attracted a 100 per cent tax and needs special permission from the government but now this ban has been lifted. Could the relaxation of the rules spell the beginning of the end for Cuba’s legion of 1950s classic American beauties?

Some of the classic cars in Cuba have been restored to gleaming gorgeousness but most are on their knees, still running thanks to dedicated maintenance and mechanical ingenuity born of necessity, as well as affection, and they certainly play an important cameo role in Cuba’s visual charm.

I think the blockade will continue to mean that new cars are far beyond the means of ordinary Cubans but who knows what is around the corner?

Here is my photographic tribute to Cuba’s classic cars, all taken while travelling in Cuba through Havana, Trinidad, Vinales and points in between:

The song is Convergencias by local band Son de mi Cuba.

By Natasha von Geldern

Have you travelled in Cuba? Did you love the classic cars in Cuba?

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11 Replies to “Cuba: Video tribute to Cuba’s classic cars”

  1. Barbara Weibel

    Great video and music. I hope to go to Cuba in January, so was very interested to see this, and I too lament the possibility that these beauties may eventually disappear. Agree with Jim that Cuba just won’t be the same.

    • Natasha von Geldern Post author

      You’ll love it Barbara, the people are so warm. We stayed in Casa Particulares and the food was excellent too!

  2. Jim brandano

    Thank You for this post.As a photographer here in the USA Cuba is a place I always wanted to photograph. Your post just reminds me how much I want to. Thank You


  3. Rhyme Me a Smile

    I never knew that was why there were so many vintage cars in Cuba! I better get over there before they all disappear. I want to take some pictures of my own that are as pretty as yours. 🙂


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