Wandering through Hong Kong at night

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts with Asian and western cultures jostling along side-by-side. From the traditional dried seafood shops and ancient temples, to the financial heart of the city and the few remaining colonial structures, Hong Kong cherishes its history and its success.

Hong Kong at night

Victoria Harbour is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of Hong Kong, where tall ships once moored in the deep waters their loads of tea and crinolined ladies promenaded along the Battery Path.

Hong Kong at night

Hong Kong is also a city that has taken the use of the humble neon light tube far beyond the imagination of its inventor and a feature of any harbour visit is the colourful and creative lighting displays of the skyscrapers lining the waterfront in all directions.

Hong Kong at night

Time your arrival at the Avenue of Stars waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui around 8pm to enjoy the world’s largest permanent light and sound show. The Symphony of Lights spectacle is played out across over 40 buildings, the lights and laser beams dancing to music across Victoria Harbour. Another way to see the show is by riding the Star Ferry in the evening.

Aqua Luna cruise on Hong Kong harbour

I’d recommend stepping away from the streets and onto a Victoria Harbour cruise. But not just any Hong Kong harbour cruise. Climb aboard a traditional red-sail Chinese junk: the Aqua Luna. This mysterious craft appears at an empty pier out of the darkness and with low light from scarlet Chinese lanterns and the beautifully carved woodwork; this is a very glamorous way to see Hong Kong.

Aqua Luna cruise in Hong Kong

So slip on a little dress and some kitten heels and feel the warm night air surround you. Sip a drink from the bar on the polished teak deck. Lounge around on the low cushions and settees. Gaze up at the blood red sails. It’s a visual feast and the perfect way to imbibe a bit of Hong Kong’s history on a 45-minute cruise.

Hong Kong skyline

By Natasha von Geldern

Have you seen Hong Kong lit up at night?

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    • Natasha von Geldern Post author

      It was a cloudy night so probably a mixture of fog and smog. Hong Kong doesn’t feel THAT crowded to me, I’ve visited a couple of times and found it a pleasant place to stroll around and explore (even with a small child)!

  1. Jim

    Honk Kong continues to amaze me. We have visited several times since ’74 and each time we see photos it just seems to gain an extra 20 floors!
    Loved the night light shots Natasha.


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