Ischia, Italy
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Italy: Where to eat out on Ischia

Ischia is an Italian holiday paradise – an island in the Gulf of Naples that is far more relaxed and in my opinion more beautiful than neighbouring Capri. So where to eat out on Ischia? Where to find those Italian foodie delights Ischia is famous for?

For a memorable meal on the harbourside in Ischia Ponte, go visit with Raimundo the Sicilian at the Enoteca un Attimo du Vino.

The name translates as “a moment of wine” and this is more a lifestyle than a business and a place to meet as well as a restaurant. Inside it’s like dining in someone’s cosy and well-lit wine cellar, with floor to ceiling bookcases filled with over 700 types of wine – and a few books stuffed in a wine case by the door.

Using his own olive oil and playing jazz in the background, Raimundo produces a feast of ricotta ravioli with a highly savoury fish sauce and a sea bass fillet wrapped in an almost transparently thin potato batter.

Ischia, Italy

We enjoyed a selection of local wines – delicious forastera and biancolella whites best drunk young and in Ischia. And as a final treat – a celebrated moscato desert wine from the southernmost island of Italy.

The island of Pantelleria belongs to Italy but it is virtually off the coast of Tunisia and Passito di Pantelleria was in legend offered by the goddess Tanit to Apollo as part of a (successful) seduction attempt. It is therefore famed as the wine of the gods.

Ischia, Italy

A great option to eat out on Ischia for a casual lunch out-and-about during the day, eat at the waterfront restaurant in Forio-San Francesco (near the William Walton garden – Giardini La Mortella) serves bruschetta piled with cherry tomatoes, glistening with olive oil and tasting like they’ve been soaked in sugar water, and good Neapolitan pizza.

Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget my tips on where to eat out on Ischia!

By Natasha von Geldern

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  1. Those tomatoes look incredible. And I love the little helper in the kitchen.

  2. Hi Natasha,
    I see you write a little bit like I do on my blog. And then about ‘my’ home island! Great!!!
    ‘Un attimo di vino’ you translate exactly like you say ‘a moment of wine’ but you can understand also ‘ un attimo divino’ which means ‘a devine moment’. Both will be true. Beautiful article! Lots of great (and devine) moments on your journeys.. hugs.. Heidi

  3. Thanks for the great tips! We are heading to Ischia tomorrow and I cannot wait to dive headfirst into tomatoes, lemons and seafood.

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