Darwin markets, Australia
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Australia: Wandering the amazing Darwin markets

Darwin markets, Australia

The Darwin markets simply blew me away. For multi-cultural, social and gastronomic pleasures they are pretty hard to beat when looking for things to do in Darwin.

Mindil Beach markets

The Mindil Beach sunset markets are at the top of my list with good reason. On Thursday and Sunday evenings the Mindil Beach esplanade comes alive with local music and crafts; an enormous selection of delicious flavours; and crowds of happy, multi-cultural people.

Darwin markets, Australia

Fresh spring rolls, gado gado and satays, paw paw salad, fresh tropical fruit juices and smoothies. Darwin has almost a whole food in nearby Asia  and the food here is Yuuuummmm!

Darwin markets, Australia

Africans and Asians mingle with locals and tourists. Darwin only has a population of around 140,000 and a lot of them must be here. If not spilling through the stalls, then picnicking on the grass or waiting for the sunset on the beach.
Darwin markets, Australia

It is crowded but watching the apricot light turning to scarlet does not disappoint and every eye is turned toward the horizon.
Darwin markets, Australia

Harbour cruise boats drift past and the sun disappears into a fiery sky.

Darwin markets, Australia

Once it has finally gone the market becomes even more colourful with lights and fire pois.

Darwin markets, Australia

There is music and dancing with Northern Territory bands providing the beats.

Darwin markets, Australia

Parap Market

Parap Market is a daytime affair, running from 8am to 2pm at the Parap shopping village in an inner suburb of Darwin. It is no less colourful for all that and probably more popular with locals than tourists because of the produce.

Darwin markets, Australia

Huge piles of papaya and pineapple rub shoulders with exotic flowers and fresh vegetables. Crocodile artefacts caught my eye and some lovely locally-made jewellery.

Darwin markets, Australia

The food was similarly outstanding – Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai. The list goes on and the crowds vying for the attention of the Laksa soup lady (Mary) were intense! Parap village also has some nice galleries, a speciality food store and a day spa.

Darwin markets, Australia

Other Darwin markets

Other markets in Darwin include those at Nightcliff and Rapid Creek, again more produce here but still a great way to spend some time in Darwin!

Darwin’s markets are just one of many ways that Australia’s Top End overwhelms the senses. They are a wonderful place to socialise and ease into the city’s tropical lifestyle.

By Natasha von Geldern

Have you been to an amazing Darwin markets? Did you try Mary’s laksa soup?

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  1. Wow,great shoot!!! In a few months I will leave for Australia, I’ll be a long time,I think I will go to see Darwin.

  2. Love the shots of the flower, sunset and the didjeridus! I actually own a didj, which I bought many years ago from a world music instrument importer friend, who taught me to play it halfway decently. Never could get down the circular breathing thing, though…

  3. Great photos – looks like a really fun day out!

  4. This post got me very excited as I MIGHT be going to Darwin in a few weeks – fingers crossed!

  5. Mmm, that food looks amazing!

  6. Those colors are gorgeous!! Sounds like a great time!

  7. Even more great reasons to visit the Top End!

  8. Last time I was in Darwin I missed the markets, but in a few weeks, I will be there on a Saturday so I will get to go. Can’t wait!

    • Natasha von Geldern

      I really loved the markets so much – completely exceeded my expectations – especially Mindil Beach!

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