Devil's Armchair, Victoria Falls, Zambia
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Visiting Victoria Falls Zambia

Zambia may not be the first country that comes to mind when planning a dream african safari holiday, but being relatively undiscovered makes it all the more special. Zambia has fantastic African game viewing, including Big Five safaris, and also opportunities to see endangered white rhino and experience an unspoilt, less commercialised part of Africa. 

Zambia specialises in experiencing Africa from a different perspective and you will find that a big part of that is the Zambezi River as it flows through the country. Of course no trip to this part of Africa would be complete without visiting Victoria Falls Zambia. Hear the thunder of millions of gallons of water pouring into the Batoka Gorge and see the sunshine make rainbows through the spray rising high in the air. 

Staying in Livingstone

The best base for organising your experience of Victoria Falls Zambia is Livingstone, a nice little African town. On the market street, ladies selling fruit and vegetables sit by the roadside with their baskets hidden under large umbrellas. The African Tulip trees are huge, shady and vibrant.

Makeshift stalls are the local version of a bar – each has a stock of spirit bottles and a bored looking host. The sound of children chanting, laughing and singing echoes from the schoolyard.

There is a small museum celebrating, who else but Dr David Livingstone.  The blue taxis have seen better days: ancient Toyotas with spiderwebs for windscreens.

Livingstone, Zambia, Africa

If you’re not comfortable with going into Zimbabwe, the town of Livingstone in Zambia is the best place to base yourself to see Victoria Falls and go white-water rafting on the mighty Zambezi.

The Devil’s Armchair at Victoria Falls Zambia

I visited Vic Falls when it was at low water so the falls were not huge but they certainly do thunder. The spray rises high in the air; sun shining through and making amazing rainbows across the Batoka Gorge.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Walk the path along the river bed at the top of Victoria Falls. You’ll more than likely acquire a local ‘guide’ who will show you the way through the rocks and dark pools of the great stream. The air is fragrant from the yellow blossom of a flowering tree. Past Livingstone Island and at last to the Devil’s or Angel’s Armchair, depending on your point of view.

Devil's Armchair, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Sitting dangling my feet over the edge of Victoria Falls is a mind-blowing experience, I have to say. Peering down through the foaming cataract, the thick mist, to the boiling river below. Looking across the abyss to Zimbabwe and some surprised-looking tourists on the other side.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

An intense triple rainbow arcs away below me. The sound of the rushing water is immense. Despite being so swiftly flowing, swimming in the water is pleasant, warm and soft. Just before the edge the water has caved out a cup, a pool, where you can splash about and climb on the rocks at the rim with relative safety.

The Batoka Gorge is beautiful; the most beautiful setting in the world to go white water rafting, or to do anything really. It zigzags acutely away from the base of Victoria Falls, the water up to 40 metres deep in places. The air is a cool relief from the African heat above.

Explore more of Zambia

Step into Zambia’s wilderness in search of some of the world’s greatest wildlife, with  giraffes, zebras, hippos and wildebeest roaming peacefully in largely untouched game reserves such as vast Kafue National Park. You have a good chance to seeing cheetah in the wild and maybe even an aardvark in this wildlife haven. 

For those intent on a Big Five safari, you can see all this and more, including the white rhino, in Mosi Oa Tunya National Park on an exhilarating 4×4 game drive in the early hours of the morning and then again in the evening. In between, settle in to your luxurious accommodation at one of the many high-end Zambia safari lodges, such as Mfuwe Lodge.  Or Zambezi Kulefu Camp, in the Lower Zambezi National Park, where tents on platforms have been built overlooking the widest stretch of the river.

African wildlife

Gain another perspective on a walking safari, an absorbing few hours that will bring you closer to the animals and the hushed thrill of being just metres from Africa’s unique wildlife in their natural habitat. Experience the bush close-up as you’re led by expert guides and rangers across the savannah to observe elephants, buffalo, and lions. Explore the wild landscapes of South Luangwa National Park on foot as you learn how to track animals and see wild Africa in all its glory.

White-water rafting on the Zambezi

Experience more of the mighty Zambezi by taking a river cruise to watch hippos, crocodiles and buffalo peacefully enjoying their environment. And don’t miss white-water rafting on this incredible waterway. 

White water rafting, Zambezi, Livingstone, Zambia

The white-water rafting companies here are professional, with experienced guides who love their work. I had never rafted before but had no trouble fitting in. Yes I was tossed out of the raft twice going through rapids and rapidly hauled back aboard for fear of resident crocodiles.

This was not my only experience of swimming with crocodiles. It was exhilarating stuff and there was also plenty of periods drifting calmly down the luminous river, listening to birdsong and watching out for those crocs. In fact the most difficult part of the day was climbing up the path out of the gorge in the evening.

Playing football in Livingstone, Zambia

Back in Livingstone the local Lubasa orphanage welcomes visitors and a group of us played board games and football with the kids there one afternoon. There was some outrageous cheating at snap and we learnt that you should never let the scoreline get in the way of a good penalty shootout!

By Natasha von Geldern

Have you been to Victoria Falls Zambia? Did you sit in the Devil’s Armchair?

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  1. What an experience. I’m not sure I’d have the guts to go white water rafting there.

  2. Africa, it gets under your skin. I’ve never been to Zambia but I have lived in other African countries for years, and there is always more to see and do. Your story certainly makes me want to see Victoria Falls!

    Love the photo of the women under the umbrellas. Color is always what I see in my mind when I think of Africa.

  3. I’ve always had a travel crush on Victoria Falls. Someday I will get there.

  4. Love the shot of the guy sitting at the waterfall!

  5. White water rafting there looks like so much fun!

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