The Tren de Soller in Mallorca
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Spain: Riding the Tren de Soller in Mallorca

I included the little train from Palma to Soller in my Top 10 things to do in Mallorca post a few weeks ago, which made me think I should revisit this little gem of a rail experience. Combined with a day out in Palma the Tren de Soller made a perfect variation during our walking holiday in Mallorca.

The town of Soller, set deep in its cup of mountains and with its fragrant citrus orchards, is not easy to leave but if you want to spend some time exploring cosmopolitan Palma de Mallorca there is no better way to get there than by train.

Valley of the Oranges, Mallorca Spain

Not just any train. This 27.3 kilometre narrow gauge route was established in 1912 and the lovely old carriages are meticulously maintained using traditional working methods. All dark wooden panelling and shiny brass fittings, they take you to another world before motorcars and highways.

The Tren de Soller travels through Mallorca

The Tren de Soller line leaves from central Soller and we linked up with it from the seaside Port Soller via a similarly old fashioned tram that trundles along the seafront.

Port de Soller, Mallorca

The railway line passes through olive groves and verdant countryside, steadily rising towards the Sierra de Alfabia mountain range.

Around the village Bunyola you see typical old Mallorquian farms and farmsteads. I’d like to come back here one day and alight at Bunyola to walk up to Oriente on the Alaro circuit. Perhaps in the month of February when the whole valley is white with almond blossom.

Rural Mallorca from the Tren de Soller

Through the thirteen long tunnels that bore through the mountains and across several bridges the train drops steady down to the city.

Look out for the eight-metre Cinc Points viaduct, probably the most impressive piece of engineering work on the Soller railway line and was built back in 1910. Comprised of five arches (hence the name), it spans the Monreals torrent in 52 metres.

Tren de Soller in Mallorca

Don’t miss this quaint little train ride through the heartland of Mallorca. See the Tren de Soller website for timetable and ticketing details.

The Tren de Soller in Mallorca

By Natasha von Geldern

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