Bergen station - Oslo to Bergen train, Norway
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Norway: On the Oslo to Bergen train

The landscape unfolds slowly as the train leaves Oslo, following rivers and lakeshores as it begins one of the world’s most scenic railway journeys – on the Oslo to Bergen train, from the capital city all the way over to the beautiful Norwegian coast.

The temperature slowly drops more and more as we climb away from Oslo train station. Soon there are clumps of snow and then whole drifts under a flat, grey winter sky. But there are tiny leaves on the birth trees and the ice is receding from the lakes – Spring is coming.

Frozen lakes on the Oslo to Bergen train, Norway

Track skirts snow-topped hills and in the farmland barns painted that particular Scandinavian matte red punctuate the fields. Broad-roofed homesteads look cosy and indestructible. Long wisps of cloud nestle into the valleys.

Oslo to Bergen train Norway

As the train climbs the temperature falls and when we reach the ski fields of Geilo it has dropped from 12 degrees in Oslo to 4 degrees. Passengers alight from the train with their cross country skis. Children play in the snow near the ski huts.

Oslo to Bergen train in Spring, Norway

At Ustaoset we are at 990 metres above sea level and we breach the cloud, entering a whiteout. At the highest point – Finse at 1,222m – the train windows are lashed with snow. Thick flurries add to the snow banks already piled high. It is zero degrees Celsius outside. Cross country skiers stride across the landscape.

Cross country skiing Oslo to Bergen train, Norway

Inside we are very comfortable thank you very much. Norway railway carriages are excellent and Wandering Kiwi Jr is thrilled that the family carriage has a whole children’s play room – with soft play, climbing and a big TV showing cartoons! She doesn’t mind that they are dubbed into Norwegian.

Family carriage on the Oslo to Bergen train, Norway

At last the Oslo to Bergen train begins to descend. A skier strides past across the snowy plateau – or it a lake frozen and covered with snow? Through the snow I can see black cliffs dripping with patches of ice. We plunge through a series of tunnels around Myrdal and then there is slowly less and less snow.

Bridge on the Oslo to Bergen train, Norway

Raging water through deep gorges past soaring cliffs; clearer than clear water, fast moving over rocks. Then the streams are winding through meadows of snow-flattened grass once more. The landscape becomes greener and greener until the clouds begin to look like steam. Farmsteads appear once again – wooden houses with shingle roofs. Now the snow has become rain.

Views the Oslo to Bergen train, Norway

Then suddenly we are out of the mountains and on top of the town of Voss. There are green fields and new crops on the lakeshore. Before I know it the seven hours have passed and the train is pulling into the very grand Bergen train station. We were ready to spend some time in Bergen, Norway, and then board the Hurtigruten for our cruise up the Norwegian coast!

Bergen station - Oslo to Bergen train, Norway

By Natasha von Geldern

The Oslo to Bergen train journey is easy to book online with NSB – book a few months ahead to get the cheaper ‘mini-prix’ tickets. Which side to sit on the Oslo to Bergen train? Sit on the right hand side offers the best views for the first and last few hours of the train journey but the left hand side is preferable for the whole middle section. I would plump for the left hand side if I had to choose. In any case you can wander around the train and see both.  Obviously things are the other way around if you are travelling on the Bergen to Oslo train. There is free wi-fi on Norwegian railway but make sure you register for this ahead of boarding because you need to access a password from your email to activate it.

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Train from Oslo to Bergen Norway

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  1. Such an amazing train journey. I always wanted to see it in the snow too. Jumping off at Myrdal and taking the Flåm Railway, down to Flåm and back up to rejoin the Bergen Railway, makes for rather sensational stopover too:

    I couldn’t get over the “NSB Familie” kids’ room on Norwegian trains either! Other national railway companies really should take note (and if not them, then definitely their passengers).

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