Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo Norway
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Wandering the Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo

Wow is the only word for the Vigelund Sculpture Park. I had been told it is a must-visit in Oslo but have to admit I was a bit sceptical about whether it was worth getting a tram out from the centre to see a bunch of sculptures in a park. I was wrong. Vigelund is stunning, uplifting, inspiring.

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo Norway

It was designed by Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) and displays 212 of his sculptures, most of which are along the main axis of the park. The small museum was the artist’s house and contains most of the rest of his extensive production – woodcarvings, original models for sculptures, portraits and  drawings.

The Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo Norway

Rainbows dance in the water sprayed from the fountains and the sun glints on bronze buttocks.

Fountain at the Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo Norway

For almost all of the sculptures are of bodies. Heavy, physical bodies with emotive faces expressing moments of pure joy or sorrow. Bodies of all ages; bodies celebrated; bodies piled on bodies; piled up to the heavens.

At the Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo Norway

My favourite sculpture was of two women doing shoulder stands with their legs entwined. They look so gleeful. Mr Wandering Kiwi liked the man being wrestled/carried by three laughing women. We found a sculpture of a child that looks very similar to Wandering Kiwi Jr when she is having a strop. She disagreed… but she loved the playground!

Playground in the Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo Norway

by Natasha von Geldern

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