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Travel tips: Everything you need to know about travel insurance

New Zealand passport

I’ve never travelled without travel insurance, in all my years travelling to over 50 countries around the world. You only have to watch the news to understand the necessity of packing a travel insurance policy for any trip abroad seems very clear.

Do you know whether your policy covers travel disruption in the case of a natural disaster? Are you assuming it does or have you checked the fine print?

Thankfully most circumstances where you might want to claim on your travel insurance policy are not so terrifying. A couple of weeks ago I had an experience that, while it can’t be compared to the tragedy in Nepal, illustrates this very problem. I was hiking the Milford Track, a four-day walk in the South Island of New Zealand. I had a flight from Queenstown to Auckland booked for the day after the hike finished (foolish, I know).

Unexpected heavy snowfalls delayed my progress on the hike and I had to rebook my flight at an extra cost of £150. Guess what? Turns out this wasn’t covered by my travel insurance, or by the travel insurance my bank provides. So I just had to wear it. Most policies should cover you in the case of a natural disaster like heavy snowfall but mine didn’t.

The same snowstorm caused mass flight cancellations that affected my aunt, cousin and mother-in-law. Airlines outside of Europe don’t have to offer compensation for delayed or cancelled flights due to circumstances outside their control. So again, extra costs like accommodation had to be absorbed by my family.

To help you assess your own travel insurance policy I’d like to share this free ‘ultimate guide to travel insurance’.  It’s an e-book that explains everything you need to know travel insurance and it is even easy to read and fun.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot to read when you buy a travel insurance policy.  Do you know about exclusions for unattended items, high-risk activities and pre-existing medical conditions? This guide helps out with tips on finding the best policy for your circumstances. It’s an essential read before planning your next trip.

Happy trails!

Natasha von Geldern

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