San Francisco: Riding the Ducks

If you’re looking for a novel, adventurous way to explore the city of San Francisco, then why not take a tour on the Ducks? It’s a fun way to see the sights on both land and water. We answer a few questions you might have below.

What is a Duck? 

‘DUKWs’ were first built in 1942. Essentially, they are trucks contained in a watertight shell. These amphibious vehicles were put to military use in World War II and featured prominently in the Sicilian landings of 1943. The name itself derives from the vehicle’s features: designed (D) for utility purposes (U) with front-wheel drive (K) and two rear driving axles (W).

If I ride the Ducks in San Francisco will I be on a WWII vehicle? 

No – but the vehicles are based on the World War II models. They are built from scratch and use the latest in marine design technology and safety equipment.

What’s different about a Duck ride? 

A Duck ride offers passengers a unique opportunity to explore the streets and the bay area of San Francisco at the same time. About 25 minutes of the tour are spent on water and the tour lasts around 90 minutes in total.

What will I get to see? 

San Francisco is a diverse city with many attractions and you’ll be able to see a great number of them on a Duck tour. On the road, these include Union Square, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, South Beach and The Transamerica PyramidOn the water, meanwhile, you’ll get to see Bay Bridge, McCovey Cove and the City Skylineto name just a few.

Is it suitable for kids? 

Yes, the tour is fun and informative and the kids will get a real thrill from splashing on the water. For those who are feeling extra adventurous, there is also the chance to drive the Duck.

Will I get sea-sick? 

It’s unlikely, as the vehicle travels at 7mph on water.

Is the tour all it’s quacked up to be? 

Yes: it’s a quacking (groan) adventure for all the family.

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