USA: Top 5 things to do in Moran, Wyoming

If you’re planning a vacation in the stunning northwest region of Wyoming, the charming community of Moran makes a perfect stopping point.

This small, historic town is at one of the main entrances to Grand Teton National Park and lies right on the boundary of the park itself at an altitude of 6,749 ft.

Yellowstone may be one of the most famous national parks in the world but Grand Teton is just as beautiful and very popular with those who love the great outdoors.

Once upon a time Moran was a simple staging post in America’s wild west. These days climbers, hikers and wilderness lovers flock to enjoy the jagged peaks that tower over the Jackson Hole valley.

One of the loveliest places to stay in Moran is the Jackson Lake Lodge and here are a few things you have to do while staying here:

Hiking and picnicking at Jenny Lake

Beautiful Jenny Lake is a perfect family picnic spot and also a great place to start a day hike as no less than four trailheads start here, including hikes for all abilities. Paths take you around the lake, up to waterfalls, and to viewpoints for amazing Grand Teton mountain scenes. Hidden Falls is only a two-hour return trip and the Jenny Lake Loop Trail is flat and easy. For a more challenging hike take the Cascade Canyon Trail into the backcountry.

Drive to Oxbow Bend

This is one of the iconic scenes in Grant Teton National Park, perhaps in all of Wyoming and the western states. It is certainly the most photographed and you won’t want to go home without seeing this wide part of the Snake River with a lovely reflection of Mount Moran.

Rafting on the Snake River

The awesome Snake River is over 1,000 miles long and passes through diverse landscapes, from rich forests and majestic mountains, to the volcanic region of Yellowstone. Take a rafting trip to best experience the Snake River. You can choose from a gentle float or an exciting whitewater excursion. There are plenty of wildlife-spotting opportunities – see moose, elk, beavers and even bald eagles in this magnificent wilderness.

Saddle up for western horse riding

Connect with your inner cowboy or cowgirl! There are many options for horseriding holidays in Wyoming and enjoying the spectacular scenery of the Tetons from horseback is a perfect way to capture a bit of the wild west spirit. Jackson Lake Lodge in Moran offers very affordable pony rides for children.

Enjoy an authentic western meal

There’s more wild west fun to be had with the Castagno Outfitters Chuchwagon Dinner experience. Take a relaxing ride in a covered wagon and enjoy a grilled steak dinner ‘on the range’, accompanied by guitar and cowboy singing. For a delicious breakfast in the morning, or a cool beer at the end of a day in the national parks, the quaint Buffalo Valley Ranch and Café is highly recommended. Views of the mountains are included and people keep coming back for the buffalo burger.

So there you have it, get ready for an unforgettable adventure holiday in Moran, in the stunning Grand Teton national park of Wyoming.

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