Moonlight Track Queenstown New Zealand Photo by Natasha von Geldern

Travel Tips: Webjet mobile app review

Moonlight Track Queenstown New Zealand Photo by Natasha von Geldern

I am a staunchly independent traveller with clear ideas about where and how I want to travel. I travel on a limited budget and I want to maximise the amount of travel I can experience every year within that budget. Added to that my daughter is now attending school and so I am often constrained by travelling in school holiday periods, always the most expensive time to travel.

So how do I make my limited travel funds go so far? I do all my own flight bookings and accommodation bookings by using the internet to find cheap flights and hotel deals. If you are paying for an agent to organise travel for you, either at home or in the destination country, you are more often than not paying more than you need to for your travel.

Of course all this trip planning is very time consuming and not everyone has the time to book their own holidays. But there are some great tools out there to make the job easier. In other words … “there’s an app for that!” The Webjet app allows me to compare, combine and book flights, hotels and carhire, directly from my phone.

Webjet App

Webjet just happens to be Australia’s leading online travel agency and travel within Australia and New Zealand is of course a speciality. However, the app is designed to have a global scope and a significant number of international airlines are included in the search comparison. Deals from airlines and hotels around the world are fully searchable and bookable. So I can plan my trip from New Zealand to Europe via Australia and Asia no problem.

In the past I have always done a quick price check on the airline or hotel website before booking through a third party website but Webjet has come out best every time so far and it would save so much time to be able to rely on the app doing the price checking for me!

Webjet App 3

Why is this app better?

There are quite a few other flight comparison sites and apps out there so why use Webjet?

  • Ease of use on this app is a big step forward compared to other flight search engines I have used. It is quick to tape through the steps from the home page. I like it that recent searches are visible and can be bookmarked for later reference.
  • The multi-city search option is perfect for my independent, multi-centre trips and I particularly find the Webjet app useful when I am booking different legs of a trip with different airlines.
  • I like that I can easily filter or sort my search by departure time/price /number of stops etc. with just a few taps. Similarly with hotel searches, you can search by rating and room price.
  • I love that you can download your flight itinerary booked at Webjet to your phone under “My Trips”. So I’ve got all the information there at my fingertips. (I used to carry A4-sized plastic envelope whenever I travelled with all my printouts but this has become unnecessary – thereby saving a few trees!)
  • The hotel options pop up with a clear map showing the location of the accommodation, as well as the TripAdvisor rating. You can easily see hotel destinations right from your search screen as well by tapping on the ‘pin’ map icon in the bottom left corner.
  • The app even has a flight tracker function so you can keep an eye on your flight departure time so I deleted the old flight tracker app on my phone. It really is a one stop travel app.

Webjet App 2

What doesn’t work so well?

While the car hire searches bring back the best deal every time for New Zealand and Australia every time compared to my old favourite websites, it is not so reliable when it comes to my searches for European destinations. Just so you know.

Webjet App 4

What about the fine print?

I have been very impressed by the transparent disclosure on the Webjet app. Where deals are flagged up it is clear what the terms of travel are before you start a search. There’s nothing more annoying than finding a great flight or hotel deal, going all the way through to the payment stage and finding there are hidden terms or costs.

There is also a clear indicator at the top of the screen showing how long your flight search result price is “guaranteed”.

And all this on my phone! It really is a one stop travel booking app. So if you have trips to plan, make life easier by finding the free Webjet App and download now for iPhone or from the GooglePlay store for your android device.

Finally, and this might not be important to everyone, as a travel photographer I just adore the look of the Webjet app, with its gorgeous travel photos. Every single photo inspires me to travel.

By Natasha von Geldern

Disclosure: Webjet asked me to carry out an honest review of their new travel search app because I am a frequent traveller and the above opinions are my entirely unbiased assessment of the app.

Have you used travel comparison apps? What are your top recommendations?

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  1. This sounds so useful Natasha! I sometimes get a bit lazy and end up wanting to book through an agent but my husband usually then starts independently planning and showing me how much he has managed to save in doing so! We’ve used lots of different price comparison and airline and hotel websites but didn’t know of this one before so will be interested to look it up. Is it a free app?

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