Narikala fortress, Tbilisi
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The top 6 attractions of Yerevan and Tbilisi

Armenia and Georgia are two amazing neighbouring countries located in Transcaucasia. They have so many similarities in their traditions and genuine hospitality. Tourists who choose Armenia & Georgia Tours are very impressed with the excellent cuisine, stunning mountain landscapes, exotic traditions and customs, and the kindness and hospitality of the locals. In this article, you can get acquainted with the most popular “must-visit” attractions of the capitals of these countries – Yerevan and Tbilisi.

Republic Square

Republic Square, also called “the heart of Yerevan”, is one of the most popular parts of Yerevan, the amazing capital of Armenia. It amazes with its elaborate design, which was conceived by prominent Armenian architect A. Tamanyan in 1926. He developed a complex, but at the same time brilliant plan under which all the old buildings of this territory were destroyed and replaced with new ones. Each of these buildings has a unique architecture that combines elements of traditional style and the best of world architecture.

The famous buildings that frame the square are: the History Museum, the Government House, the Central post-office, the Hotel “Mariott Armenia”. The highlight of the square that captures the most attention is the large clock on the Government House that has the diameter of 4 metres. Republic Square is also famous for its amazing singing fountains that operate each day from May to October. They delight all visitors with a colourful and unforgettable show that is so inspiring and romantic you will never get tired of watching it! So, while in Yerevan try not miss the opportunity to visit this old, and at the same time modern and popular place. It is a “must-visit” for all tourists.

Republique square, Yerevan

Northern Avenue

The Northern Avenue of Yerevan is located just near the Republic Square and is considered one of the most modern parts of the capital. Luxurious buildings with unique architectural designs, brand shops, souvenir boutiques, coffee houses and restaurants, elite commercial offices – all this can be found on the avenue. By the way, it is home to such world famous brands as Armani, Burberry, New Yorker, Ermenegildo Zegna, GANT and many others. Each evening lots of locals and tourists come here to take a stroll, visit the fashionable boutiques and just have a good time. The avenue is always filled with bright and lively atmosphere and the sound of music.

Matenadaran Museum

If you prefer educational museums be sure to visit Matenadaran – the number one museum of Yerevan. It is a world-famous repository of ancient manuscripts. Its collection is just amazing: about 23,000 exhibits that include old Armenian and world manuscripts, documents, old printed books, and miniature paintings. Тhe highlight of the collection is both the largest and the smallest books in the world.

Narikala fortress, Tbilisi

Narikala Fortress

Incredible Narikala Fortress, the “heart and the soul” of Tbilisi, is the most famous and ancient monument of the city. It stands on the peak of the Mount Mtatsminda, which offers a magnificent view to the old part of the city and surrounding mountains. The construction of the fortress dates back to the 4th century, when it had a purely defensive function. In the grounds of the fortress, you can also visit the Church of St. Nikolay of the 12th century which was reconstructed in 1990.

Rustaveli Avenue

The central avenue of Tbilisi, stretching over 1.5 km from Freedom Square, is a real “must-visit” for all guests of the city. The avenue is named after the famous medieval Georgian poet – Shota Rustaveli. The significance of this famous street can be compared with the Champs Elysees in Paris or the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. Rustaveli Avenue has its own unique atmosphere and offers lots of famous attractions: monuments, busts, statues, fountains, museums, theatres, churches, shops, art salons and the main cinema.

The opposite side of the avenue can be called “commercial” as it hosts various shops, souvenir boutiques, cafes and restaurants. That is why it is rather crowded. However, here you will also find some interesting and attractive buildings, such as the Presidium of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, the Union of Cinematographers located in a building with a colonnade in the Italian style, and the Ministry of Justice. The other special attraction in this area is an incredibly popular water store “Lagidze”, which offers mineral water with a variety of syrups prepared from fruits and herbs.

Rustaveli_Avenue, Tbilisi

Tbilisi Sulfur Baths

According to some travel sites, Tbilisi Sulphuric Baths are considered the number one attraction of the city. They are situated in the old part of Tbilisi on Grishashvili Street. The baths are very old; they were built in the 17th-19th centuries and once belonged to royal families. Their unique feature is that the water is supplied from the ground; it is hot (37 degrees C) and contains a lot of sulphur.

The most beautiful among them is Orbeliani or Blue one, which is amazingly decorated with minarets and blue tiles. Even such famous writers as Alexander Dumas and Alexander Pushkin expressed excited words after visiting the baths. The former even said that “never before had he seen anything that can surpass the magnificent Tiflis baths”. So, the baths are really worth visiting! You can even rent a special room with a massage table. With just a few hours spent in these waters with a smell of hydrogen sulphide, you will improve your health and get a lot of pleasure.

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  1. Robi lisp is somewhere that’s been intriguing me for a couple of years now – I’d love to go to the sulfur baths – they sound so rejuvenating!

  2. In Yerevan itself it is worth to visit the Republic Square and the Cascade, and by Armenia itself there is an incredibly large number of different and interesting places, from ancient temples and monasteries to deep lakes and noisy waterfalls. If you do not take out beach rest, then safely come to Armenia.

  3. It was quite an exloration for my family, since our last visit to Armenia. We spent a good time in Yerevan.Narikala Fortress is a really great and mighty building. Republic Square was also great.

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