Looking for the party capital of the world

My blog has certainly taken me to plenty of beautiful global destinations. From windswept remote beaches to exotic cities, it’s been an eye-opening journey that has helped me realise our planet is a wonderful place.

But one thing I might have overlooked is trying to find where we humans like to congregate to party on an epic scale. So I’ve given myself a game to try and find the hottest party spot, whether it’s a chaotic casino or chic coffeeshop! So where is the party capital of the world?

American extravagance

The first place that came to mind was undoubtedly New York City. Seeing as it’s often known as ’the city that never sleeps’, I thought that I’d put the theory to the test.

And whilst the uptown environs of Manhattan can appear a little bleak in the twilight hours, downtown there’s an endless variety of dimly-lit bars and dance clubs that can satisfy even the most elaborate of tastes all through the night.

Of course, if you’re into high-stakes partying, then the self-proclaimed ‘party capital of the world’, Las Vegas, should provide a suitably dazzling environment for your night-time activities.

As well as the legendary selection of casinos that feature an all-night supply of gambling and drinking options, Sin City also hosts some surprisingly cutting-edge dance clubs such as Light at Mandalay Bay too.


Asian action

Many visitors to my blog will recognise the fact that I’m more likely to be found hiking in the mountains or relaxing on a beautiful beach than being at the roulette table. But one surprisingly party-friendly city that I’ve found in Asia was Hong Kong. It features a cosmopolitan mix of different cultures, and the amazing skyline provides a suitably futuristic feel to the night-time fun.

And should you get the the chance to visit Japan, then the Shinjuku area is a fun lover’s paradise of dodgy metal bars, karaoke booths, arcade gaming multiplexes, and seriously quaint old-school drinking dens.

Hong Kong skyline

European party capital

The Dutch capital of Amsterdam has long-earned its fearsome reputation for partying thanks to some liberal laws that have allowed a much more tolerant approach in regards to soft drugs and other vices.

But that’s not to say that Amsterdam is a free-for-all, it’s just that the Dutch seem to have a serious sense of fun and won’t let anything stand in the way of a good party!

Amsterdam summer

So whether you fancy tackling the dazzling slot machines in Las Vegas whilst swigging on a margarita, or prefer playing online casino games whilst nursing an industrial-strength sake in rural Japan, there’s certainly plenty of places where you can find a party on planet Earth!

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