Maiviken, South Georgia by size4riggerboots via the creative commons license
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8 must-see Polar destinations for travel bucket lists

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There are few areas in the world as alluring and pristine as the Arctic and Antarctica. However, even if you are an avid traveller, chances you will put these Polar destinations at the top of the list are extremely unlikely. Otherwise, the fact that these inhospitable yet breath-taking regions are rarely visited makes them even more enticing. So let’s find out what are the must-see Polar destinations to add to the travel list!

South Georgia
Primarily known only as dangerous and cold destination, South Georgia offers some of the best opportunities for subantarctic wildlife viewing. It is home to hundreds of thousands of penguins, including playful Macaroni penguins and stately King penguins, and more than 30 species of breeding birds. Numerous Fur and Elephant seals also patrol the black sand beaches here, not to mention increasing number of whales that inhabit the bountiful waters surrounding South Georgia.

Aurora Borealis in Eastern Greenland
Eastern Greenland is an absolutely unique region filled with ice and fjords that is known as home to one of the most stunning natural phenomena in the world called Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Just visit this fantastic place in early spring, winter, or fall and you will witness an incredible light show visible in the night sky.

Snæfellsjökull Glacier Walk Iceland Photo by Margret Adamsdottir under the creative commons licenseSnæfellsjökull Glacier Walk by Margret Adamsdottir under the creative commons license

Kayaking in Antarctic
That’s probably the most exciting thing to do in Antarctic! Kayaking gives an excellent opportunity to sail past fantastic icebergs, ride with seals and penguins, glide alongside whales, and experience the incredible scenery and wildlife of Antarctic. Views from atop a ship are stunning indeed, but they are much better from the water itself!

Arctic Wilderness Lodge
Arctic Wilderness Lodge located 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle is a permanent wilderness camp that offers modern comforts in a remote Arctic setting. This is truly a must-see destination for all those who want to spend several days among the wild Arctic tundra landscape together with seabirds, bearded seals, polar bears, and even beluga whales.

Scotia Arc
The Scotia Arc is the island arc system that includes Saunders and Elephant Islands, South Georgia, and also the Falklands Islands – home to some of the most incredibly diverse wildlife on our planet. Colonies of Chinstrap penguins and countless sea mammals are just a few reasons to visit these small and mostly uninhabitable Antarctic islands.

Maiviken, South Georgia by size4riggerboots via the creative commons license

Maiviken, South Georgia by size4riggerboots via the creative commons license

Camping on Antarctica
If you want to have the ultimate Antarctica experience and a great story to tell, that’s your chance! Camping at the bottom of the world – what can be more extreme yet memorable? Incredible landscape far away from any civilization and indescribable impressions are guaranteed! If you are a little bit crazy and brave enough, you should try that!

North Pole
Up until recently, no one could even dream about travelling to the North Pole! However, today’s technology, helicopters, and modern nuclear-powered icebreakers make the trip to the mythical Top of the World possible for everyone.

In this way, the Arctic and Antarctica are worthy of your attention despite their inhospitality and cold. These Polar destinations truly offer some of the most fascinating experiences. So why not to add them to the travel list?

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