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London: Explore the Chambers of Flavour

It’s a new form of intrepid travel, through multiple dimensions of the London foodie scene: introducing the Chambers of Flavour v2.0.

It’s incredibly high risk and the location is top secret but I can share with you just a little about this culinary journey that is taking London by storm.

Once you receive your instructions it’s time to assemble in the bar – come ready to eat and drink and laugh. The photos here are all of the bar because the rest of the experience is off limits to mobile phone technology.

Brain child of Kerry Adamson and Suz Mountfort over at Gingerline, the Chambers of Flavour is a pop-up dining experience that delivers you into the hands of an eccentric professor from the Institute of Flavourology and into the bowels of “the Machine”.

Chambers of Flavour London

Whisked by this extraordinary invention into the next dimensions, it is time for sensory overload…

This is a unique foodie experience that doubles as grown-up entertainment and would be perfect for small or large groups of friends or colleagues. There are flashing lights and small spaces to crawl through so everyone needs to be in relatively good shape.

Chambers of Flavour London bar

Just the cocktails menu at the bar should give you an idea of the gastronomic creativity involved in this venture.  Perhaps try a glass of clutch-able courage by drinking a Flaming Lionel before you enter the Chambers of Flavour (flaming absinthe poured over sugared rust, topped with champagne).

The food was amazing – I can’t say any more because I was sworn to secrecy – and I don’t think I have laughed so much in years.

As the professor says: “Just try not to die.”

By Natasha von Geldern

Thanks to Visit Austria for hosting this hilarious foodie experience in London!

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