Travel Tips: Killing time at the airport

Travelling is immensely satisfying and more accessible than ever but although it is fun to visit exotic places, it does also mean long haul flights, and lengthy train or bus journeys, which often involve dealing with delays and other complications.

Keeping yourself busy during those times stuck in travel limbo will stop them spoiling your trip and so here are some tips for killing time at the airport or station or wherever you find yourself:

1. Work on your travel photography

Say your flight or train journey has been delayed and you are stuck at the airport or station: this can actually be a great opportunity for those who enjoy travel photography to grab some unusual shots. Airports and stations in particular offer the chance to photograph impressive jets or trains that you would normally struggle to get access to – whether it is to supplement a photography portfolio or just to impress your followers on Facebook or Instagram.


2. Time for retail therapy

Stations and airports increasingly have extensive shopping facilities where you can get in a bit of retail therapy, not only helping to pass the time while you are waiting but also buy things that will help to keep you amused once the journey actually gets underway. Among the things it is worth considering shelling out for are novels, magazines and books with puzzles in them – as these will all be invaluable for the actual journey. Also stock up on travel first aid kit items such as sunscreen and items you forgot to pack.

Shopping Auckland

3. Catch up on film viewing and reading

Most flights will have entertainment options included, including movies. Sometimes there is one single movie played to everyone on an overhead screen, and at other times you have personal screens and a wider choice of films. Of course, these days anyone with a tablet or laptop can choose their own film and I always find long journeys the perfect opportunity to catch up on my reading.

The Last Book Store LA photo by Casey and Sonja via the Creative Commons License

The Last Book Store LA photo by Casey and Sonja via the Creative Commons License

4. Gaming online

This is another option for passing the time during a journey that the wonders of modern technology have made available to us. Having access to a laptop computer or tablet such as an iPad means that you also have access to a world of gaming options. Maybe you enjoy playing quick-fire games such as Angry Birds, or deeper, more complex role-playing ones, but either way it will certainly pass the time. Alternatively, an absorbing game of pokies at an online casino site will be great for long-haul flights – although be careful not to use all your holiday money!

5. Get some sleep

If it is a really long, overnight journey you are taking, then catching up on some sleep is a good way to pass the hours. Although the idea of sleeping on a crowded plane, train, airport or station might seem impossible to you, there are aids such as noise cancelling headphones, earplugs and eye masks that can help. Some airports even have capsule hotels or lounges with beds. This will ensure you arrive at your destination refreshed.

I hope these ideas help your next journey go more quickly and smoothly.

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