Santorini, Greek Islands

The most popular islands in the Greek Cyclades

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most gifted countries in the world when it comes to sun, fun and natural beauty. Whether you want to laze around on a picture-perfect beach, explore the ruins of ancient Greece or dance the night away on one of Europe’s most vibrant party islands then you have come to the right country.

Mainland Greece is both scenic and fascinating but during the summertime, it is the islands that draw the crowds! The region of Greece is home to an incredible 6,000 islands, with 227 of these islands being inhabited. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start!

The Cyclades islands are perhaps the most well known and some of the most beautiful. Take a look at three of these wonderful islands to get your research off the ground before island hopping the Cyclades with Vyra Sailing Holidays.


Once upon a time, Santorini was just a Volcanic Rock with a tiny little town on its southern shore. Natural disasters that included Violent Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis all played a part in creating Santorini’s unique appearance it has today. The crescent-shaped
gem in the Aegean Sea is now one of the most popular islands in the entire world.

Santorini sunset, Greece

Tourists are attracted to the astonishingly beautiful white and blue domed buildings that sit perfectly on top of the contrasting rugged landscape beneath. The picturesque views of this magnificent architecture against the backdrop of blue seas and a perfect sunset are something to behold. Some say it’s the most beautiful sunset in the world and it’s hard to argue once you have seen it.

While this image has been delivered to millions on postcards across the globe it is not just about the views. Enjoying Greek food, relaxing on unique volcanic red and white beaches, and trekking over active volcanoes are some of the other exciting things on offer in Santorini. This place might be crowded but it certainly delivers.


While wealthy tourists began visiting Mykonos in the 1950’s it was in the 1960s & ’70s that Mykonos blew up! Actors and celebrities began frequenting the island giving it the image of the new hot spot in the med and in doing so becoming a haven for the artistic types and bohemians.

Santorini, Greek Islands
Mykonos also became a very popular place amongst gay travellers. Fast forward to today and Mykonos is stronger than ever as one of the most popular islands in Europe. The nightlife here is booming and the Island attracts the worlds biggest DJ’s to its shores in the same manner that Ibiza does. Fantastic beach clubs, boutique hotels, and stylish restaurants bring in jet setters from across the world and make Mykonos a great destination for Yacht Charter Holidays. The turquoise waters and equally gorgeous white sands offer the perfect climate to relax and sip cocktails for thousands of tourists each summer.


The island of Ios attracts a mixed crowd of backpackers from across the globe, led by the Australians who come here in large numbers. The crowd is younger than Mykonos and while you do not have the high-end clubs and big international DJ’s what you do have is a vibrant town full of bars and
clubs which stay open to the earlier hours of the morning.

South coast of Santorini

As with pretty much everywhere in the Cyclades visitors are blessed with gorgeous beaches. Ios is a beautiful destination indeed and just like the others on the list a very population option in the Cyclades.

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