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The TripPal travel pillow review

I never sleep when travelling by plane. I just can’t get comfortable and even if I nod off momentarily, I am quickly jerked awake as my head lolls forward. Clearly, I’m a motivated traveller and have done countless long-haul flights, particularly between New Zealand and other parts of the world, including ultra-long-haul. Such travel is tiring and arriving at a destination having missed a night’s sleep is never the best way to start a holiday.

This month I travelled from London to San Francisco, which takes over 10 hours. I decided to test out the claims of a new travel pillow called TripPal. This makes big claims of unrivalled wearing comfort and restful flying. Is it really “by far the best travel pillow on earth”?

The best travel pillow on earth?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, TripPal has drafted in the services of what we refer to as memory foam in its bid to create a properly supportive travel pillow. But this isn’t just any memory foam pillow. They’ve actually invented a new material called HybridFlex (patent pending), a dual-layer polyurethane that has a firm core surrounded by soft cushioning.

TripPal travel pillow

The result is a blend of comfort and support that manages to be both firm and flexible at the same time.

It’s quite a solid unit compared to those old-fashioned U-shaped travel pillows but it is very lightweight and no trouble to clip to my day backpack while travelling.

Ready to take my TripPal for a spin!

The fabric covering the pillow is a big improvement an anything I’ve tried before. The lining and cover are cool and smooth. It didn’t get hot or sweaty because the AirTrack design wicks away moisture and heat. The fabric cover zips off so you can wash it easily. In fact mine needs washing already because there’s a drool stain, which proves that I was properly asleep!

What makes TripPal different?

Part of my problem with sleeping on planes is that I have quite a long neck (like a swan not a giraffe…) so nothing I have ever tried has been even remotely effective. Other travel pillows just rest uselessly on my shoulders while I get a sore neck trying to sleep at an awkward angle.

As well as the seriously supportive HybridFlex material, the TripPal is revolutionary in that it provides 360-degree support for your whole neck, and your chin.

It’s high and both the shoulder end and the chin end are ergonomically shaped. It rests comfortably on your shoulders and doesn’t slip off. You can rest your chin comfortably on the ‘shelf’ created by the pillow, preventing the dreaded nod-off.  At the same time, it didn’t get in the way of my headphones when I was watching a movie on the plane.

Behind your neck the design is slim, so there’s no bulge in the pillow that tips your head backwards. At the front is a drawstring toggle to adjust the TripPal to fit your neck perfectly and stay in position. The toggle clips apart easily to take the pillow off.

They really have put a lot of thought into this.

The best ergonomic travel pillow

This travel pillow is so impressive. It truly supports your neck and head, enabling sleep. It’s comfortable over extended wear. The ergonomic shape is ingeniously effective.

It takes you from this:

A regular travel pillow

To this:

The TripPal ergonomic pillow at work

TripPal is still in the kickstarter phase but will be available to buy very soon. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Hi, I’m curious to know what size trip pal pillow you bought? I seem to be between a medium and a small, so just trying to decide.

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