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Welcome to the Wandering Kiwi travel blog

Thanks for visiting! I am a travel writer and this blog is my travel story: the independent adventures of an inveterate traveller who has travelled to 53 countries so far. I love sightseeing, mountain climbing, history, literature, hiking, architecture, wildlife, food and more! If it’s travel I love it but I try not to forget that “the value of travel is not just the travel but what the travel makes of you” (Robin Sharma).

Discovering and covering the world is my passion and I want to inspire and inform fellow travellers through my travel blogging and photography.

In his 1930s travelogue 92 Days, Evelyn Waugh talked about adding “another small piece to the pages of the atlas that were real to me” and my dream in life is making the pages of the atlas real, one trip at a time.

I am passionate about the benefits of travel in breaking open our perceptions of the world and of how life should be. If you want to read more about my travel blogging credentials, see my ABCs of travel here.

I am a professional travel writer and editor who contributes to the Fairytale Traveler, Travel Wire Asia,  Yahoo! Total Travel, Wild Junket Magazine, Eco Traveller Guide, DK Travel Guides and Travelbite.co.uk.

I want to show you what places really look like through my words and photographs about the places where I wander – to make the pages of the atlas real to you as well. I have been privileged to visit many places around the globe so here you will find travel blog impressions of travel from the wilds of Central Asia to secret corners of London, to adventures in New Zealand where (as the title suggests) I was born.

So take a look around – look at the popular posts on the home page or use the destinations menu to find stories about places you are interested in. Let me help you make informed decisions about where to go on your next vacation!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are inspired to travel through reading my travel blog!

Natasha von Geldern

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