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St Petersburg, Russia
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Russia: Celebrate the White Nights in St Petersburg

Pushkin once wrote of St Petersburg in summer as being “where sunrise runs to meet sunset”. This is when they celebrate the White Nights in St Petersburg, a wonderful festival of both culture and partying. In July the sun sets about 11.30 in what the locals refer to as ‘Pieter’, […]

Philadelphia street art
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USA: Wandering around Philadelphia’s Street Art

Why is Philadelphia street art so amazing? Well, back in the mid 1980s  the city of Philadelphia came up with an innovative idea to combat graffiti that was blighting their city. The Anti-Graffiti Network hired a muralist called Jane Golden and tasked her with redirecting the talents of graffiti writers into […]

9th Avenue Food Festival, NYC
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New York City: The 9th Avenue Food Festival

Every May the annual 9th Avenue Food Festival kick off in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen – offering a taste of what this famous neighbourhood is cooking up as restaurants set up outdoor stalls serving up a gastronomic extravaganza. I found the expected latin accents at the 9th Avenue Food […]