Rock climbing travel ideas

Rock climbing travel ideas around the world from New Zealand and Australia to Spain and the United Kingdom.

Pulau Sapi, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
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The best Malaysia beach holidays

Visiting Malaysia is a unique journey packed with culture, history and natural beauty. There are so many places to visit in Malaysia: within the country’s 13 states are age-old forests, beautiful coastlines, misty hills and majestic mountains. When it comes to unwinding on Malaysia’s incredible beaches, there are plenty to […]

Gokyo Ri trek in Nepal, Asia
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50 years of Cicerone guidebooks

I don’t know about you but when I’m looking for travel ideas I have a shelf of books at home that I like to flick through for inspiration. Guidebook publisher Cicerone has added to my collection in 2019 by producing a special anthology of adventure to celebrate Fifty Years of […]

Agrinonta bay and beach on Kalymnos Greece
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Greece: Kalymnos climbing (and relaxing) holiday

The island of Kalymnos lay pink and gold across the horizon as the ferry left the tiny port of Mastichari. Sitting up top the wind was quite fierce and the ferries had not run the previous day because of high winds. But this morning the sea had calmed, the ferry […]

CLimbing Mt Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo
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Malaysia: Is climbing Mount Kinabalu worth it?

Climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysian Borneo, is a popular experience for travellers visiting Malaysia. Tens of thousands of people reach the summit each year, from teenagers to grandparents and I’d like to share my experience of climbing Mt Kinabalu. A big reason for the popularity of the […]

Costa Blanca views, Spain
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Spain: Rock climbing on the Costa Blanca

In early summer the Wandering Kiwi family went to Spain, not for a fly-and-flop beach holiday but to pull on our rubber shoes and spend a week rock climbing on the Costa Blanca. Of course I have heard much about Spain’s ‘Costas’ and their reputation is as an over-developed, inauthentic package holiday […]

Vinales Valley butterflies, Cuba
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Rock climbing in the Vinales Valley, Cuba

It was a long bus ride from Trinidad to Vinales but the reward was the first sight of the mogotes rising out of the lush valley in the late afternoon sun, like prehistoric monsters. For a travelling rock climber those limestone towers mean only one thing – cragging! Vinales is […]

Yangshuo Karst Scenery and Li River
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China: Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

One of my objectives in visiting Yangshuo in China was to do some rock climbing. Since US climber Todd Skinner established the first routes in 1992 Yangshuo has become a rock climbers Mecca and I have drooled over photos of rock climbing in Yangshuo for years. However, I also remember reading a post […]

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