Tips and travel ideas for Indonesia. Beautiful Indonesia has a plethora of diverse attractions from buzzing cities to incredible natural wonders and fabled ancient sites. Here you will find all the information you need about travelling in Indonesia so start planning your trip now and experience everything that Indonesia has to offer travellers.

Traditional Myanmar puppets in Bagan
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Top 10 traditional Puppet Theatres around the world

The puppetry arts are an ancient creative form, with archaeological evidence from early civilisations, and although some people may think it ‘old hat’, in parts of the world special artists and craftspeople strive to keep the magic of traditional puppet theatre alive. Puppet theatres nurture a truly unique artistic language […]

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Wandering among Bali’s beautiful religious decorations

When I travelled through Bali I was overwhelmed by the constant physical demonstration of piety everywhere. It is an intrinsic part of Balinese culture and the most noticeable demonstration of this is of course the exquisitely-made daily offerings that you have to step over at every entranceway. But even more […]

Sunset West Bali National Park
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Indonesia: Top 10 things to do in Bali

Having written any number of posts about my wonderful travels around the Indonesia island of Bali, I though it time to bring it all together with a highlights reel. If you are planning a visit to Bali, here are a few tips to keep in mind and my top 10 […]

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