Travel ideas for Belgium – trip tips and recommendations from my experiences travelling in Belgium. This European country has diverse and beautiful landscapes, historic cities, and rich cultural traditions. Here you will find exciting travel ideas for travelling in Belgium so start planning your trip now and experience everything that Belgium has to offer travellers.

Zurenborg district Antwerp, Belgium
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Belgium: Wandering the Zurenborg in Antwerp

Like any city that has 2,000 years of history, Antwerp has long been vulnerable to the turning fortune’s wheel. My walking tour of the Zurenborg neighbourhood in Antwerp revealed just one example of architecture reflecting a time of great prosperity in the city. Here in the south-east part of Antwerp you will […]

Bouillon, Belgium Ardennes
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Top 5 highlights of Europe

When I first arrived in Europe – with my backpack on a working holiday visa – I wanted to visit all the highlights of Europe. Paris and Rome; all the famous sights and museums; discover the cultural treasure trove that is Europe! And I have done all of that. But […]

Cantillon Brewery crates Brussels
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Belgium: The Cantillon Brewery in Brussels

If you can’t make it to Brussels for the Belgian Beer Weekend in September, you can still have a great Belgian beer experience anytime you visit Brussels – at the Cantillon Brewery. This is one of the two remaining traditional breweries in Brussels. The Van Roy-Cantillon family founded the brewery in […]

Belgian Beer Weekend tasting
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Belgium: The great Brussels beer weekend

This is a tale of marvellous beer and dubious parenting. The great Belgian Beer Weekend, held every September, is the optimum event to discover that Belgium makes the best beer in the world. It’s a fact and I won’t accept any arguments about this. Mr Wandering Kiwi would never forgive […]

View from Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
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Wandering Kiwi best of Travel in 2013

2013 has been a big travel year. It saw the Wandering Kiwi family relocate across the world (yet again) from Australia to the United Kingdom. A bit like coming home, except that beautiful New Zealand still hovers in the background of my consciousness. Here is a wrap up of my […]

Tajikistan Pamir Highway
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Wandering Kiwi’s ABCs of Travel

I see my Traveller’s ABCs as a combined self-examination exercise and travellers’ curriculum vitae. A bit like my credentials for presuming to blog about travel to an unsuspecting public. I’ve very much enjoyed reading other bloggers’ Travel ABCs and found the exercise very revealing. Without further ado, here are my […]

La Morte Subite, Belgian beer in Brussels Photo by Natasha von Geldern
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Belgium: The best Belgian beer experiences in Brussels

My partner is half Belgian and wherever we travel, it’s pretty certain he will never allow me to find a beer that is better than those brewed in this tiny central European country. Fortunately so far I agree with him: Belgian beers are in every way superb. There are so […]

Belgium: The Ardennes
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Beauty and the beer in the Belgian Ardennes!

We arrived in Bouillon late on Friday afternoon and the beautiful medieval town was warm with golden sunlight. This little town was to be our base for a weekend break touring the Ardennes region of southern Belgium. This part of Belgium has long been the heartland of Europe and rich with […]