Unesco World Heritage Sites

I love to visit Unesco World Heritage Sites and find that it provides an interesting way to form a travel bucket list. Here you will find my photos and words on the many Unesco World Heritage sites I have visited around the world.

The Maheno shipwreck on Fraser Island Australia
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Independent Fraser Island tours in Australia

It may be the world’s biggest sand island but Fraser Island is also famous for its rainforest and when the Wandering Kiwi family visited this island off the coast of Queensland, Australia, we loved its diversity and uniqueness. The traditional name of the island is K’gari, which means “paradise” in […]

View of Verona Italy
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Wandering in romantic Verona, Italy

Is Verona the most romantic city in the world? The romantic appeal of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has always seemed a bit dubious. Young lovers and doomed love; destroyed by fate or unlucky chance. Why would you want to model a relationship on that? Or is it Juliet’s challenge to […]

CLimbing Mt Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo
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Malaysia: Is climbing Mount Kinabalu worth it?

Climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysian Borneo, is a popular experience for travellers visiting Malaysia. Tens of thousands of people reach the summit each year, from teenagers to grandparents and I’d like to share my experience of climbing Mt Kinabalu. A big reason for the popularity of the […]

Movenpick Dead Sea Spa and Resort Jordan Wandering Kiwi fun
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Wandering Kiwi’s 2017 Travel Highlights

Although I never feel like I’ve done enough travel, looking back over my 2017 travel highlights the Wandering Kiwi family had a great year! It’s important to take a moment and be reminded of all the wonderful experiences we have had in the past year. As well as travels within […]

Venice street sign windows Italy
City Break Travel Ideas, Film & Literary Travel Ideas, Italy, Unesco World Heritage Sites, Veneto

If you’ve only got one day in Venice, Italy

Obviously I am not actually recommending that you only spend one day in Venice but what if your travel itinerary allows you only enough time for one day in La Serenissima? Venice in a day is still worth doing! “So now, thank God, Venice is no longer a mere word […]

Mirabell Gardens Salzburg Austria
Austria, City Break Travel Ideas, Family Travel Ideas, Film & Literary Travel Ideas, Unesco World Heritage Sites

The ultimate Sound of Music tour Salzburg, Austria

This summer Wandering Kiwi Jr and I fulfilled a dream. We are both huge Sound of Music fans – me from childhood and, well, she is a child – so we decided to indulge our inner von Trapp and experience the ultimate Sound of Music tour Salzburg. I’ve been to […]

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