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Highlights of a Fethiye to Marmaris Cruise

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With pristine waters, dramatic coastline and hundreds of islands dotted around, the stretch of land between Fethiye and Marmaris is something to be marvelled at. What better way to see it than aboard a traditional Turkish Gulet cruise?

Setting sail from Fethiye

Starting your voyage on the Fethiye Marmaris blue cruise provides you with an opportunity to experience a vibrant yet traditional working habour town. Before setting sail, why not take the time to explore this area. Venture to the weekly market to barter the price of a souvenir such as linen or hand-made lace, or head over to the food section to try-before-you-buy the various cheeses, olives, yoghurt and then pick-your-own fresh fruit and vegetables from the thousands on offer. It really is an assault on your senses with the smell of spices, the sound of tourist and Turk bartering and the sight of stall after stall of freshly grown produce. Or why not head to the local beach resort of Oludeniz. Famed for it’s blue lagoon, this is the most photographed beach in the world. Enjoy your day relaxing on the beach or indulging in a cold beverage in one of the numerous beach front bars. For the more adventurous, view Oludeniz from above by taking part in a tandem paraglide from the top of Mount Babadag.

12 Islands

Sailing from Fethiye, one of the first opportunities to swim would be in the area known as 12 islands. This area is full of natural beauty. Contrary to it’s name, there are far more than 12 Islands offshore from Fethiye, however this is the name given to a specific cluster. Here is a chance to swim in some of the most pristine waters whilst gazing back to the beautiful harbour town with the Lycian Rock Tombs standing proudly above.

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Dalyan Mud baths and Turtle Beach

Cruising along this coastline offers the chance to stop at Dalyan. A pretty little town which is renowned not only for its mud baths but also the protection of the wonderful loggerhead turtles who come to the local beach Iztuzu to lay their eggs. Dalyan plays host to the ancient city of Kuanos, believed to date back to the 10th Century BC. Take time out of the cruise to explore these ancient ruins. Also residing high above the Dalyan delta are an impressive formation of Lycian Rock Tombs, dating back to around 400 BC. Why not opt for a guided tour to ensure you are given the most accurate information about these magnificent structures.

A trip to the beach in Dalyan could give you the chance to view much more than a lovely vista. The true name of the beach is Iztuzu. It found fame in 1987 when a businessman wanted to build a large hotel on the delta. Many people opposed these plans, including most infamously, David Bellamy. Building worked ceased, leaving the area protected to encourage the wonderful Caretta Caretta (loggerhead turtles) to continue using the beach as their nesting place. It is possible to view these fascinating creatures swimming alongside you whilst enjoy a gentle cruise on a river boat through the delta.

Finally, the mud baths. Hailed by some as having significant health benefits for those suffering from ailments such as eczema and arthritis, the mud baths are a fun activity for everyone to join in. Entry into the main mud baths in this area ensures time to relax and have some fun. Firstly, get down and dirty in (literally) a mud bath. Let the mud squelch between your toes as you rub it over every last piece of your skin. Once covered from head-to-toe, let the sun bake the mud onto your skin. This will look and feel very funny as your body cracks and ripples with the tightness of the dried mud. Next it’s time to plunge into a pool to rinse. Finally, plunge your body into the lovely (albeit smelly) sulphur pools to ensure your body gets the full, replenishing treatment.

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Leaving on the Fethiye to Marmaris cruise not only shows the beauty of the Fethiye cruises but also means being able to explore Marmaris. This is a fantastic place to end a Gulet cruise. Here you will find stunning beaches, numerous diving opportunities and buzzing nightlife. Nestled in a valley, Marmaris is home to many luxury hotels which are a perfect place to relax after hitting the shops and numerous restaurants and bars that adorn the area. Why not amble through the atmospheric lanes toward Marmaris Castle to see some of the old town before heading back down to the promenade to take part in the action as tourists from all over the world enjoy this secluded coastal town.

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